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The Autodip DIY aerosol is the world’s first sprayable vinyl wrap for wheels and accessories. It is available in high gloss finishes in a one-step application straight out of the can. It allows car enthusiasts with no prior painting experience to achieve high quality paint-like finishes.

Autodip DIY aerosol is available in High Gloss, Metallic and Liquid Metallic finishes in over 25 colours. Autodip DIY Top Coat Series is available in High Gloss and Frozen Matte to achieve your desired finish and increase UV, chemical and scratch resistance of your application.

The Autodip DIY aerosol was specifically developed to be easy to apply by car enthusiasts without prior painting experience. We provide in-depth instructions, troubleshooting and video tutorials on our How-To-Apply section.

The Autodip DIY aerosol is the world’s first sprayable vinyl wrap for wheels and accessories available in a one-step high gloss, smooth finish. All standard Autodip DIY Color Series offer a one-step high gloss finish. Any of our Color Series can be turned into a slick matte finish by using our Frozen Matte Top Coat.

The Autodip DIY aerosol is available in 20 + colours and 3 colour series; Gloss Series, Metallic Series and Liquid Metallic series. Autodip uses specifically formulated pigments for automotive usage with high UV resistance, increased colour coverage and deep, vivid colours.

The Autodip DIY aerosol was developed to last up to 2 years and as shown great protection characteristics against road debris, rocks, salt, chemical and UV exposure. We developed our high performance Top Coat Series to increase UV, chemical and scratch resistance. It can be applied over any of our colour series.

The Autodip DIY aerosol is easy to remove, simply scratch a corner and start peeling. Most wheels will take 5 to 10 minutes to peel and Autodip is easily removed from the hard to reach areas such as lug holes.

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High Gloss Top Coat

The Autodip High Gloss Top Coat Series is formulated to be applied over any colour series of Autodip DIY to increase overall durability of the application through high performance UV, chemical, and scratch resistance.

$ 11.99


Quick Detailer

The Autodip Speed Detailer is specifically formulated to promote shine and water-free cleaning on your Autodip film. Its unique composition of Carnauba and natural surfactant make it easy to give your Autodip a lustrious appearance.

$ 19.99


Wash & Wax

The Autodip Wash & Wax was specifically formulated to safely clean dirt and grime off of Autodip sprayable vinyl wrap. Our Wash & Wax leaves an acrylic wax film protection in one single application.

$ 11.99


Preparation Spray

The Autodip Preparation Spray was developped specifically to eliminate any common paint contaminants such as silicone, wax, polishes, dirt and grease.

$ 10.99

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